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 Rules of the Nest

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PostSubject: Rules of the Nest   Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:25 am

While the forum is quite leniant, there are some rules we would like you to follow. Follow them, and you'll stay on our good side (:<

1. Be Respectful

Why is this important?

To keep a well organized and friendly environment, being respectful to eachother will provide users a sense of security when they post. No one likes to have their opinions lauded on, and no one likes to be flamed for no apparent reason. In other words, if someone says something you don't agree with, don't insult them and tell them they're wrong, explain why you disagree in a civilized manner. RESPECT BRUTHA.

What's the consequence?

Disrespect is a heinous crime and will result in exile from the Nest. Depending on the extent of your "crime", you will either recieve a warning or an infraction. Of course, recieving a certain amount of infractions in a given time will result in a ban. So obey the rules and you won't need to worry about this. (;

2. Inappropriate Content

Why is this important

Despite the way it's worded, this does not mean that posting inappropriate content is a rule. This one probably goes without explanation... don't post pr0nz and anything you think would be deemed inappropriate. Basically, keep it PG-13.

What's the consequence?

Well, posting pr0nz will automatically get you banned. One of the Admins will send you an e-mail that you can reply to with any concerns incase you were hacked or similar. If it's something else that could be deemed inappropriate, you will recieve an infraction or temporary ban... if it happens continiously, you will be perma'd.

3. Spam

Why is this important?

Spam is just annoying. Don't advertise or post things in topics where they don't belong. There's a Spam section for a reason, use it.

What's the consequence?

Nothing severe. Your post will either be moved to a topic/forum it belongs in or deleted.


So there are the rules, obey them and you'll be just fine!
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Rules of the Nest
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